"Imagine all the people Living life in peace" John Lennon

We do not want to talk about politics, all the dirt behind it. We want to help the most vulnerable and innocent, the ones who are caught in the crossfire in war between adults, the children.

We have made a special batch of handmade soaps. Each bar costs £10 and this is exactly how much we are going to transfer from each sale to Save The Children Charity.


For every order placed we plant a tree somewhere around the globe. Tree Nation currently runs countless reforestation and aforestation projects and this is what we want to support! To help our planet breathe

How it's made

Heyyy! It's my first video so please be understanding! I always thought that nah, it's dead easy to make a video. But no, it's not.

Och Vegan Cosmetics is a cooperation of two soul mates, Magdalena & Remi. We’re based in Glasgow and committed to everything vegan, natural and zero-waste, which is, of course, our philosophy, too. We make everything by hand and make sure that ingredients are of the best quality.

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