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It’s not easy eating green. Or is it?​

 I must confess, but better late than never, as the saying goes. It’s been roughly a month since I fully committed to vegetarianism, and it’s teaching me a lot about what’s truly important to me. I’ve been slowly becoming less and less inclined to eat meat….

So how easy is it to switch from meat to veg while keeping those hungry mouths watering and our bodies healthy?


Choose your own adventure – trading up

Choose your own adventure – trading up The weather is beautiful today and I’m sitting writing in the sun having eaten a tasty picnic lunch.  My sandwich was wrapped in a sustainable food wrap (in this case locally made by…

Cleaning madness Vol.1

Cleaning madness Vol.1 My grandma’s house was always spotless. She lived with her husband, there was always at least one dog running around and of course me, bringing chaos and disorder since 1987. I am not exactly sure how she…

Green relationship status: It’s complicated.

Green relationship status: It’s complicated. Today I’m feeling guilty.  It’s really hot in the place I’m working and I am tired.  I don’t drink tea or coffee so I’ve taken myself to the shops and bought a drink for a…

Making a change for the better by Susan

Making a change for the better by Susan I’m a big believer in ‘do what you can’.  In all aspects of life, we have limitations linked to our personal situations in terms of things like our current skills, money, time…


For every order placed we plant a tree somewhere around the globe. Tree Nation currently runs countless reforestation and aforestation projects and this is what we want to support! To help our planet breathe

How it's made

Heyyy! It's my first video so please be understanding! I always thought that nah, it's dead easy to make a video. But no, it's not.

Och Vegan Cosmetics is a cooperation of two soul mates, Magdalena & Remi. We’re based in Glasgow and committed to everything vegan, natural and zero-waste, which is, of course, our philosophy, too. We make everything by hand and make sure that ingredients are of the best quality.

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