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Make your own Rose Facial Toner in less than 20 minutes

When some time ago I left the house at 4.30 am I didn’t have a clue where I was going. I couldn’t sleep and decided that my dog and I would go for a nice long walk into the woods. I found Mother Nature in her plentiful bloom. I picked some elderflowers and wild rose […]

Cleaning Madness vol.2

Cleaning madness Vol.2 Making her own cleaning products was not the only reason why my grandma’s cleaning cupboard was not bursting with different liquids, powders and gels. Grandma had a good dose of rational distrust accompanying her decision-making process. It could be due to the interesting times she lived in, it could be something that […]

Choose your own adventure – trading up

Choose your own adventure – trading up The weather is beautiful today and I’m sitting writing in the sun having eaten a tasty picnic lunch.  My sandwich was wrapped in a sustainable food wrap (in this case locally made by a project as part of an offender rehabilitation programme) and it made me think about […]

Cleaning madness Vol.1

Cleaning madness Vol.1 My grandma’s house was always spotless. She lived with her husband, there was always at least one dog running around and of course me, bringing chaos and disorder since 1987. I am not exactly sure how she managed that(is it even possible to have a clean flat if you have a boyfriend […]

Green relationship status: It’s complicated.

Green relationship status: It’s complicated. Today I’m feeling guilty.  It’s really hot in the place I’m working and I am tired.  I don’t drink tea or coffee so I’ve taken myself to the shops and bought a drink for a refreshing caffeine boost.  But it’s in a plastic bottle, and I barely even thought about […]

Making a change for the better by Susan

Making a change for the better by Susan I’m a big believer in ‘do what you can’.  In all aspects of life, we have limitations linked to our personal situations in terms of things like our current skills, money, time and let’s face it, headspace:  there are only so many things we can manage at […]

It’s not easy eating green. Or is it?

It’s not easy eating green. Or is it? Hello, my name is Cairistiona, and I’m a vegetarian with vegan intent! Newly so, I must confess, but better late than never, as the saying goes. It’s been roughly a month since I fully committed to vegetarianism, and it’s teaching me a lot about what’s truly important […]

Attenborough made me do it…*

By Susan Bannatyne I’ve always been a fan of a David Attenborough programme.  I can remember watching them on the telly with my Dad when I was little, and each new series still feels like something to mark in my diary. I would have said I had been fairly environmentally conscious for a while, but […]

Grandpa’s little green bag

By Klaudia Miklus Every now and then I hear “You kids these days. Your life is so easy and you’re so bored that you’re coming up with those crazy ideas like zero waste or being eco-friendly. Nobody had time for that when I was your age.” First of all, I’m in my mid-thirties, so I […]

Slow your fashion roll! Why I think you should consider buying handmade

By Cairistiona Bates When you think about handmade clothing, what is your first thought? Do you think back in horror to Granny’s wonky knits; badly fitting and made with some horrible scratchy wool? Did your mum like nothing better than getting the sewing machine out and having you wander around in her creations like one […]

I have a confession to make: I am a skincare addict!

By Susan Bannatyne I have few other significant vices, so I don’t consider this to be a particular problem – some people like shoes, some people like gin, and I like anything that smells lovely and makes my skin feel happy.    However, a few years ago I re-evaluated my bedside table. Although I liked all […]

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