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We are on a mission here!

OchVegan team

Our mission is to promote veganism🌱🌱 Phew, that was easy!😆 But we’re happy to get into more depths.
Toiletry products had been invented to help us keep up with daily hygiene and then to improve the quality of our lives. But never at the cost of causing any harm☝️🙅 We profoundly believe that all the cosmetic companies share the same values, but maybe they are not perceived in the same way. To us, something labelled ‘healthy’, is expected to help us feel better in some way and must not exploit the Earth. At Och Vegan, we make sure that our planet stays beautiful and healthy, too!😍💚


It’s about the entire process of how we make and package our soaps and cosmetics. Firstly, we test them on ourselves 🐇 Brave? Nah, we know that what we put inside is safe and mostly edible😋 We go for wholesome ingredients, not settling for cheap substitutes. We firmly refuse to use any plastic🌊🌊 And even though it’s hard sometimes to find alternatives, we make it happen💪 We also believe that our products are cheaper than mainstream cosmetics🙊🙊🙊 Although you might have to pay a bit more to buy our products, that will be it. We don’t hide any costs that steadily increase our debt to Nature.
That’s why we’re vegan and sustainable. For ours and our descendants’ happy lives! 🤗💚🌍 — with love Magdalena, Remi and Psylo 🐶


  1. John Gerrard

    Hi I just wanted to say I have brought a lot of your products recently and I just wanted to say how pleased I am with them they are amazing and fantastic value for money.

    I hope you will go on to make even more products and promote vegan in everything you do I am so happy with my products I know I will definitely buy from you again.

    I hope you will continue to be successful in what you do.

    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you, John, for your kind words! They mean a world to us! We are glad that you like our products and appreciate that you took time to write to us.
      Many thanks,
      Magdalena & Remi

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