Castor Oil

Sodium Castorate

Dense and rich in fatty acids, castor oil was used more than thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt – during beauty treatments, for more than hundred years in medicine, and now inseparably accompanies us in our everyday life. 

You are travelling with bunch of your best friends to the nearby village. Heat of the sun reminds you how long you were waiting on these holidays. You are taking deep breath and smell of the soil spreads all over the car. You have never been in Zimbabwe before, but one of your best friend family invited you. It is a bit shaky, as the backroad road is uneven, you are passing by local farmers leading their cattle herd. The sound of the bells is softly ringing in your ears. As you drive into a sideroad you have noticed huge field of purple plants. Asked by friend you are stopping the car to take a look on the plats growing on the field. After you are closer, you clearly see the extraordinary shape of those mesmerizing flowers that reminds you rays of the sun – castor flowers.

Castor flower can vary from green to dark purple or brown color, shows they own, particular, one of a kind shape – that reminds of a hedgehog. The process of oil extraction is simple, but time-consuming. Dry flowers are opened, where we can find small castor beans. Crushed and cold pressed seeds extruded the golden oil. 

I can’t say enough you how amazing effect it has on our skin. Starting with minimizing itchiness of the skin, castor oil enters deep tissues in your skin and helps soften and hydrate it, leaving the skin smooth and revitalized. Castor oil helps shallows scars, deeply penetrate your skin into the scar tissue, stimulates collagen production and “plump it out” by the newly produced, healthy tissues. By its antibacterial qualities, it’s a wonderful ingredient for our soaps. And it makes them so soft and creamy! 

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