Coconut oil

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Juice from The Tree of Life – coconut oil

Of course, the most loved by everyone – the coconut oil, found place in our hearts… and products, too!

Can you hear that? It is the sound of the ocean gently covering white, warm sand and quickly moving back. It’s late evening, color of the sun is beautifully contrasting with redness of the sky. The sun is slowly disappearing under the horizon and you feel like time has stopped for a moment. Once a while warm water rinses your feet as you walk along the beach. The frightened birds caught your attention, you turn around…wait, there are someone on top of the palm tree. Curiosity was too strong, as you approach, man is sliding down with a bag full of fruits – coconuts.

Coconut oil is gained from the pressing process of the nut pulp and dry bits of the nut, so nothing goes to waste! 

You could wonder why is it so important ingredient for us? In soaps it has a cleansing function and it hardens the product. Also gives you a little bit of extra foam when you soap your hands ?

Why we can’t live without it?

Coconut oil used on skin create thin film that covers and protect without clogging the skin. It contains amazing vitamin E and protects the skin from damage and dryness. The fatty acids found in the oil protects your skin from bacteria and reduces the risk of scars! And it smells amazing too ?  So there is no doubt that with all of his goods, the coconut oil it is one of the most important ingredient in our soaps!

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