Mango Butter

Mango, when thinking about it, we imagine sweet, delicious and soft fruit. Egg-shaped fruits are easy to love. Usually, coloured rind from green to red brings to mind some warm, beautiful tropical places full of exotic, flying free birds.

But there is so much more story to tell about mango! How much great goodness this wonder fruit brings to this planet? Let’s start with the trees. Did you know they grow big, even over 100 feet? Except for giving tasty fruit and its magical ingredients, mango trees significantly reduce carbon dioxide, especially in hot countries where mango feels at its best. It’s a win-win situation for humanity and life on earth. Yes, mango is a well-loved tree too. So why we are so obsessed (yes we are!) with butter made from mango?

Hear me out now about its natural benefits: Also known as a king of the fruits in India, Mango fruit is full of vitamins. There’s no secret, this fruit is a rich source of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C plays a significant role in your skin balance, supports the body’s collagen production. Vitamin A support for skin cell growth and can help with signs of skin aging. Mango not only keeps your skin balanced but is also great for your hair health and even makes them grow quicker. Mango butter is so good and natural that you can eat it! But we rather recommend buying raw fruit instead.

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