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avena sativa

Oats, or Avena sativa as they are known in scientific parlance, are a time-honored ingredient with an illustrious heritage. This multifaceted grain has been championed for centuries not only as a dietary staple but also as an elemental component in skincare regimens.


The history of oats as a cultivated crop can be traced back to Bronze Age Europe. They were revered by various ancient civilizations for their nutritional and therapeutic properties. The ancient Romans, known for their sophisticated ablutions, recognized the skin-enhancing qualities of oats and utilized them in their baths.

The Quintessence of Oats in Skincare

Let us now elucidate the exemplary attributes that make oats an esteemed component in skincare:

  1. Epidermal Benevolence: Oats are celebrated for their gentle touch upon the skin. They are particularly favored in formulations intended for sensitive skin, owing to their mild and non-irritating nature.

  2. Cutaneous Luminosity: The usage of oats in skincare is believed to be a practice once adored by Cleopatra herself for maintaining her legendary beauty. The grain’s innate ability to soften and nourish the skin imparts a luminous glow, reminiscent of regal radiance.

  3. Soothing Alleviation: In instances of cutaneous irritations and sensitivities, oats act as a calming balm. They are often incorporated into products designed for soothing and restoring skin comfort.

The Contemporary Reverence

In modern skincare, oats continue to be regarded with high esteem. They are integral in an array of products, from facial masks and cleansers to moisturizers and bath soaks. Furthermore, Colloidal oatmeal – finely ground oats – is widely heralded for its heightened benefits, as it can be more readily absorbed by the skin.

In conclusion, Avena sativa, with its rich historical pedigree and splendid skincare properties, warrants its standing as an ingredient of timeless allure. The grain’s tender touch and nourishing embrace render it a skincare ally of incomparable value.

Goodies with Oats

Oat Latte

Silky smooth oat mylk soap with a layer of exfoliating coffee grounds on top. An addition of oat proteins makes it an extremely gentle soap, great for sensitive skin. It’s even creamier than our other bars (which seems almost impossible to beat, I know!) and scented with sweet orange and cedarwood essential oils. This combination will wrap you in a blanket of notes of vanilla, mylk, and orange.


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