Olive oil

Sodium Olivate

Who did not hear about olive oil? The most popular oil our kitchen, also found itself as one of the most important ingredients in our soaps!

Take a deep breath. Can you feel the warmth of the air running through your nose, throat and lungs?

It is summertime, sun is burning, but it does not bother you, as the ground that you are lying on is nicely cold and hard. As you open your eyes, you can see thousands and thousands of small, sparkling, reflecting the sun lights, leaves. Overwhelmed by twinkling, as if dancing, green-red-purple-ish olives, trembling of the blowing wind, you are looking around you. You have noticed you are surrounded by the most unusually shaped trees. Old and dry on the bottom and so full of fruits and ‘alive’ on the top, every with its own different shape but looking weirdly alike together. The perfect balance.

So how do we get all precious oil from a small olive? Green olive turns into violet-red colour, ready for harvest. By shaking motions olives are collected from branches, washed and separated from leaves and branches that fell off the trees. Put together, are crushed and grind into a paste. After the paste reach correct consistency, it’s spread all over large fiber discs, placed on hydraulic press where oil mixed with water is pressed out of the paste. After oil and water are separated – and voila – cold pressed extra virgin oil!

But why we use it in soaps?

Olive oil is full of vitamins E and K, fatty acids Omega 6, Calcium and Iron. It is famous of its anti-aging properties, soothes damaged skin and acts as a ‘guard ‘against free radicals. Olive oil retains the natural antioxidant vitamins and minerals from olives. For us, it makes soap mild, gentle for skin and firm bar, giving that moisture that we all deserve.  

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