Rosemary Oil


This oil is derived from the woody shrub which is well-known as a tasty ingredient for cooking. The oil itself is extracted from the fragrant spiky leave, usually by steam distillation. Although often thought of as a Mediterranean herb, it grows well in a wide variety of locations (including Glasgow!) 

Rosemary has long had associations with enhancing cognitive function – to quote Ophelia in Shakespeare’s Hamlet: “there’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance”. The ancient Greeks used it similarly to try and improve memory. More up-to-date studies have suggested rosemary can increase feelings of alertness and aid concentration, as well as helping to lower cortisol levels and reducing stress.

This warming oil may also help to reduce inflammation and some have found it effective as a natural insect repellent.

To enjoy the benefits, you can diffuse rosemary oil, add a couple of drops to a bath or add to acarrier oil to enjoy in a massage.

For a daily boost, you can find the scent of rosemary in Och’s bath salts, Halite soap and deodorant.

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