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Sandalwood Amyris

Amyris balsamifera

Sandalwood Amyris essential oil, derived from the Amyris balsamifera tree, is known for its sweet, woody, and balsamic aroma. Though not a true sandalwood, it’s often referred to as West Indian Sandalwood due to its similar fragrance. This versatile oil is prized for its calming scent and nourishing properties.


Sandalwood Amyris essential oil is extracted from the wood and branches of the Amyris balsamifera tree, which is native to the Caribbean, particularly Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The tree is also known as West Indian Sandalwood, though it’s not botanically related to true sandalwoods.

Cultural Significance and Interesting Facts

  1. Haitian Uses: In Haiti, Sandalwood Amyris is locally known as “bois chandelle” because the wood of the tree burns easily and was traditionally used for torches.

  2. Ayurvedic Medicine: Though not a true sandalwood, Sandalwood Amyris oil is sometimes used as a substitute in Ayurvedic practices for its similar calming and grounding properties.

  3. Perfumery and Aromatherapy: The oil’s rich, woody scent has made it a favorite in perfumery. It’s often used as a base note in fragrances and is a popular choice in aromatherapy for its calming effects.

  4. Usage in Spiritual Practices: While true sandalwood has been used for centuries in spiritual rituals in India, Sandalwood Amyris has found its place in the Caribbean and Western practices as an alternative for meditation and spiritual cleansing due to its similar aroma.

  5. Medicinal Applications: In traditional Caribbean medicine, the wood and oil have been used for their antiseptic and muscle-relaxant properties.

Cosmetic Benefits

  1. Moisturizing Properties: Sandalwood Amyris oil is known for its ability to moisturize and nourish the skin, making it a popular addition to creams and lotions.

  2. Anti-Aging: The oil’s antioxidant properties help combat signs of aging, such as wrinkles and fine lines.

  3. Soothing Effect: The calming scent of the oil, when used in skincare products, adds a sensory soothing effect that can enhance relaxation during skincare routines.

  4. Natural Fragrance: The oil’s pleasant aroma makes it an ideal natural fragrance in cosmetic products.


Sandalwood Amyris essential oil is extracted through the steam distillation of the dried wood and branches of the Amyris balsamifera tree. The process involves passing steam through the wood pieces, which causes the essential oil to be released. The steam and oil vapor are then condensed into a liquid, from which the essential oil is separated.

Due to the potency of Sandalwood Amyris essential oil, it is important to use it sparingly and in dilution with a carrier oil. Consult with a healthcare provider before using it for therapeutic purposes, especially on sensitive skin, during pregnancy, or with children. Moreover, opting for sustainably sourced Sandalwood Amyris essential oil is a responsible choice for the environment.

Goodies with Sandalwood Amyris


Cassia evokes memories of winter evenings, filled with an aroma of cinnamon. It’s a really tasty smelling soap! Addition of cinnamon provides extra skin nutrition and cleansing. Cinnamon is blended with sandalwood, sweet orange and myrrh essential oils for a wholesome experience.



Fresh and minty Energising Soap smells exactly how you need it in the morning! Invigorating Peppermint with its refreshing and cooling qualities will give you the boost you need to properly start your day. It’s been thoughtfully matched with Sweet Orange, Pine Needle, and Sandalwood Essential Oils to balance out the minty aroma.



Halite is commonly known as rock salt which is one of the main ingredients here. This salt bar combines all the goodness of handmade soap and cleansing, exfoliating, and detoxifying qualities of a salty bath. Pink salt helps to relax and has an anti-stress effect, it works well with rosemary, sandalwood and petitgrain essential oils blend. It is a really hard bar with less bubbly lather.

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Grounding Soap summons the powers of Earth to keep you balanced. This Soap honours the support we will always find on the ground. It’s been colored with two different clays and activated bamboo charcoal and scented with Patchouli, Lavender and Sandalwood Essential Oils. Beware! Lather shall turn black before you see your hands clean again.


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