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Sea Buckthorn Oil

It’s a cold and crisp morning and the sea crashes onto the beach as you wrap yourself up against the brisk sea air; it’s a beautiful but harsh environment. As you take it all in, you wonder how anything survives here. But as you look along the edge of the coast, your eyes take in a rolling wave of silver leaved bushes teaming with fiery orange and red berries.

The Sea Buckthorn plant is hardy enough to survive in some of the worlds harshest environments including coastal areas of the UK (the Scottish coast in particular) and Europe, desert regions of Asia, and in the mountains of Mongolia and China. These robust bushes withstand the cold temperatures and salty spray of our coastal regions with ease but are grateful to be bathed in sunlight. No hiding underneath the trees and other plants for these beauties.

The berries have been used for centuries in cooking, medicine and skincare, while the plants themselves are fantastically beneficial to the landscape, providing protection from erosion at the riverbed side, and helping to keep much needed moisture in sandy soil. A truly wonderful plant I’m sure you’ll agree!

When the berries are harvested and crushed, they form three distinct layers; two liquid layers on the top, and a pulp layer on the bottom. Sea Buckthorn oil is extracted from these two upper levels, and the resulting oil contains a high level of fatty acids and antioxidants.

These attributes makes Sea Buckthorn oil a wonderful natural base for our soaps and shampoos, with highly moisturising, soothing and cleansing properties.

Goodies with Sea Buckthorn Oil

Face Cream Blossom

A cloud of fluffiness we captured in a jar. We have loaded face cream with skin-loving, vegan ingredients for nourished and pampered skin. Our Blossom Face Cream will help to moisturize your skin and protect it from water loss. Its star ingredient, sea buckthorn oil, provides natural vitamins, fatty acids and lipids. It also gives the cream its beautiful, sunshine-yellow colour.


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