Shea butter

Shea Butterate


One of our undeniably loved ingredients is the shea butter. We would like to share with you why it is so invaluable part of our soaps and creams.

Where it all begins…

 Imagine walking in beautiful sun through the wooded savannah in Africa, feeling warm wind blowing in your face. The sun is burning, ground is so warm you can feel it through your footwear, but as soon as you hear birds singing, you forget about any unpleasantries. Walking slowly, you notice far away magnificent mighty tree. You are heading towards it to hide in it shadow. Suddenly you realize something lies under the tree. You look down… and there is it! The shea nuts! Variety of different shades of green, orange and yellow looks so wonderful in the glow of sun breaking through the leaves. 

A little bit how it is made… 

The process of obtaining the butter is not difficult, but requires a lot of attention. First of all – peel! Then – mill! Milling process extract the oil that, after few hours of good whipping, will transform in creamy shea butter. Shea butter that we use for our body butter is unrefined, which means that it still has its own smell, taste and all vitamins! 

Why my skin needs it?

Do you know the feeling when your skin is so dry, tight and itchy that begs for more attention? Shea butter perfectly moisturise. It is great to sooth sensitive skin and its antioxidant rich meaning it’s fighting free radicals and has an exceptional UV protection – everything that your skin needs! The nut of shea fruit contains saturated and unsaturated acids and Vitamins A and E…in few simple words – it all nourishes and regenerates the skin and it is made by mother nature!

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