Water has been essential to the development of the life on Earth. It is vital for all forms of life. So is for soaps! ?

How would it feel, calmly drifting on the surface of the water? The time has stopped. There is only you and countless water molecules around you. Inside of you. Absolutely everywhere.

Your toes, feet and shins are relaxed, slightly beneath the water surface. Your forearms, so wide open, are slowly emerging and dipping back under the water. You cannot hear any sound around, except a gentle rippling of the water, stroking softly your body. Liquid of the life. Without if we would not exist. It is everywhere. It is everything.

Water is a crucial component in the process of making soap. It dissolves sodium hydroxide lye so it can react with oils and create a soap. Whether the soap will cure and dry faster or slower, or will be harder or softer, depends on how much water will be added to the mixture.

There are ingredients that can absorb or contains and release more water to the mixture. For example, most vegetable or fruit pulps will contain more water, however dry clay or cocoa will absorb water. So, you can see that to make the perfect soap bar we have to think about even the smallest details

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