Essential vegan box

I Love You

Essential vegan box

With this box, you can say: Thank you! ? I love you! ? You are the only one of a kind! ⭐️ Lovely Vegan Box is a way to show someone that you see them and how magnificent they are. That you notice all of their small acts of kindness and that you appreciate them. The Lovely Vegan Box can also be an invitation to self-care rituals for your dearest friend who can use some lift-me-up in a difficult time. It is also okay to buy it just for yourself if you’re up for a self-pamper session. The box contains: Rosa Soap 80g, Amour Soap 80g, Lavandula Soap 80g, Natural Deodorant in a tube, Mini Bath Salts (Lavender, Rosemary and Ylang-ylang) Mini Bath Salts (Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange) Vegan Lip Balm, Mini Shampoo & Conditioner 2in1 Bar We took extra care in preparing this box to make sure everything is sustainable. It will make your gifting guilt-free. And, of course, everything is vegan!

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