Save the childern

We do not want to talk about politics, all the dirt behind it or get involved in discussions of who is to blame. We want to help the most vulnerable and innocent, the ones who are caught in the crossfire in war between adults, the children.

We have made a special batch of handmade soaps. Each bar costs only £10 and this is exactly how much we are going to transfer from each sale to Save The Children Charity.

It is hard for one person to change the world but together, we can form an army of activism, each doing their little bit. By helping others, you also provide yourself as the undeniable benefit of some inner peace and a sense of belonging to humanity and well-being. Satisfaction and joy from supporting others have the power to brighten our life and refresh our enthusiasm for action. Do good for others, it will come back to you in unexpected ways.

As for the soap, from the outside, it has been inspired by the Ukrainian flag. And from the inside, it has a grounding and empowering effect simultaneously stimulating the mind  and encouraging the body to relax. Thanks to the fir needle essential oil, it helps you calm and re-energize you the same way as a walk in the coniferous forest.

You can read about Save The Children Charity here:

The soaps are available on our website: Peaceful

 Klaudia Miklus

Klaudia Miklus

I moved to Glasgow four years ago and since then I’m permanently exhausted as I’m convinced that something is happening here all the time and I have an uncontrollable need to participate in everything. Two awesome blokes accompany me on that crazy ride, one human and one feline. Both equally charming, lovable and mental. I still don’t know who I want to be when I grow up, so that’s postponed for now. I’m too busy for it. Anyway, growing up is for quitters. Fun fact: Apparently handier with a drill than most men and prone to pickling anything that doesn’t move.

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