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Soap for Uncertain Times

I believe it is okay to say that we found ourselves in an unprecedented situation. It almost feels like we’re in a Hollywood movie but the recent circumstances couldn’t be more real. As a small company, there is only so much we can do to support our community. We’ve decided to use our speciality to develop the most affordable bar of antibacterial soap. By keeping that in mind along with the everything that we love about handmade, cold-process vegan soap, I have a pleasure to introduce you…

Soap for Uncertain Times. Our most affordable bar of soap. It’s off-white, not fancy-looking, colourants-free. The small dots are off-cuts after bevelling our other soaps. Zero-waste confetti! Soap for Uncertain Times slightly smells of lavender essential oil. Please note that the scent is very subtle. Essential oils are always the biggest share of the soap price so we decided to cut it down.

We used conditioning Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Castor Oil to make sure that the soap is not drying out the skin with more frequent washing. The formula is vegan-friendly and Palm Oil-free. We sell this soap naked, i.e. without any packaging, you can find all the information and ingredients list here or ask us directly. 


A 130g of a great quality soap to support you through the unknown. May the lather serve you in your handwashing routine! Remember, it’s 20 seconds of rubbing and scrubbing. We’re currently singing “Stronger” by

Kelly Clarkson and what’s your tune? <3

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